C.I.B, NORDCH, DKCH, SECH, NOCH, FICH, CZCH, DEVDHCH, SEVCH, KLBCH, KLBV09, DKKV09, ROM Inanda Mellberg Edelrood has now with 8 beautiful bitches sired 19 champions.
This was a perfect day to say goodby to further shows and also to his handler Stinne Nørholm Elgaard. She was the judge at the International show in Vejen, DK and Rod was entered in the veteran class exactly on his 13th birthday. He recieved excellent with Veteran CAC and best veteran.
Chumani and Emil got for the second time a litter. 13 lovely babies. 7 boys and 6 girls - all with ridge. We are proud and happy.
Edelrood has now sired 17 Champions on 7 bitches.
He has really shown his quality in breeding and we are so happy.
To-day the result of JME (Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy) test arrived:
Edelrood is clear (N/N)
Emil is clear (N/N)
we are happy and relieved
All puppies were tested to-day for DS and kink tail and luckily nothing was found. 1 female has got 3 crowns and the other 9 are perfect with minimum white. There is 1 livernose female and 9 with black mask. It is just a wonderful litter.
Here are Chumani and Emils lovely babies. 5 boys and 5 girls - all with ridge. We are proud and happy.
We are so happy now Chumani's pregnancy is confirmed.
Chumani's parents are DEVDHCH Chadari Chiremba
Balancing Rock and DKCH Rex Ventors Talulah K.
We can hardly wait to see those small x-mas presents.
Breeder is: Kennel Kinaya with Marianne Groenn Prior
October 2016
On the 13th and 14th Emil mated Zindika My Lucky Star Chumani T and hopefully perfect small puppies will be born in Denmark around 15th of Dezember. 
We are so happy as our Murumbis Emil Make Me Euphoric has undergone a Genetic Test with the result: Dominant homozygote (RR) - 2 ridge genes.
Some of Rod's offspring has until now done well this year.
From kennel od Cykasu:
Marky Mark is now a Czech Champion
Marty has become a Regional winner
Minnie has done fantastic on a hunting test and got a rare diploma.
From kennel Nyangoma:
Jatoo has recieved CAC
Harvey has recieved CAC
Kuba became Junior Champion has recieved CAC, CACIB and BOB
From kennel Ulwazi:
Shaka came to DK and recieved CAC and is now also DKCH.
The rest of the year has been so wonderful for a lot of Rod's offspring. They have been on top on shows and have recieved new titels. Rod has now sired 15 Champions.
On 10.02. Anaya gav birth to 10 healthy puppies - 9 dogs and 1 bitch. Mother and babies are all doing fine.
We can happily announce that on 20.01 Lui gave birth to 9 beautiful puppies 4 dogs and 5 bitches. Mother and babies are all doing fine.
We are so delighted that pregnancy is confirmed.
CH Bikita's Legacy Anaya is expecting puppies around 10.02.2015.
We can happily announce that pregnancy is confirmed.
CH Imkahena Hluhluwe "Lui" is expecting puppies around 22.01.2015
24.10.2014 - European Dog Show
Our little Czech star:
Minnie od Cykasu
Exc. 1 (1/15), EJW
European Junior Winner.
Big congrats to breeder.
At the Danish Club show Rod was honoured as the very first male in the Club´s history to be registred ROM for having sired more than 10 Champions.
We are so proud of this fabulous title. 
Now it is official:
Minnie is
Czech Junior Champion
We are so proud of her. 
CACIB Mlada Boleslav:
Marky Mark od Cykasu,
Exc. 1, CAJC
Minnie od Cykasu,
Exc. 1, CAJC, BOBJ
Rod´s beautiful offspring. 
 Emil is also tested for EOAD and is:
High confidence: CLEAR
Great news came to-day:
Rod has been tested for EOAD and is:
High confidence: CLEAR
It is Rod´s birthday to-day and he is now a veteran.
Times fly but hopefully we will have this amazing dog with us for many years to come.
Murumbis Emil Make Me Euphoric was on an open show and recieved Excellent, BM1, BOB, BIG 1 and BIS 4  
Bakari called Oni                                        Photo: Elin Kim
We can proudly announce that two litter-sisters from kennel Sabaku Inus in Sweden are now Swedish Champions.
10th May Sabaku Inus Bijin of Edelrood recieved CAC, BOB

17th May Sabaku Inus Bakari of Edelrood recieved CAC, CACIB, BOB

Edelrood has now sired 10 show champions.
On a International show in Bergen, Norway the last of Rod's offspring from Kennel Ulwazi became Champion as
Ulwazi's Adjua Khan By Edelrood got his final CAC and BM 2
his Brother Shaka recieved BM 1, CACIB and BOB
his sister Angel (Mocca) best Ch-bitch, BB 3, CACIB

It is now official and we can brag as Edelrood's offspring are to be found on Top 10 Show Ridgebacks results 2013

In Norway: NUCH Ulwazi's Adjua Shaka by Edelrood is nr. 4

In Sweden: Sabaku Inus Bakari of Edelrood "Oni" is nr. 2

In Finland: FICH Uwanja's Ruby "Kiara" is nr. 8
2013 has been a wonderful year for Rod's offspring.

He has now sired:

2 Field Tracking Champions

7 Show Champions (1 American Grand CH, silver and 1 Int.CH and NordicCH)

8 with CAC

2 with res. CAC

and 2 qualified for Crufts 2013

we are looking forward to see what happens in 2014




  Inanda Mellberg Otto JV  
of Ersted recieved today his  
tracking title SE VCH

Ulwazi's Adju Angel by Edelrood (Mocca) recieved her last CAC in Rogaland, Norway and is now NUCH. the next day she was BOS.

In RÅÅ, Sweden Sabaku Inus Bakari of Edelrood (Oni) recieved CAC, BB1, BOB
At a International show in Rovaniemi in Finland Rod's son

NOCH, SECH Inanda Mellberg Ludvig of Rold (Leon) was Excellent 1, BM 1, BOS, CAC, CACIB and now he is also FICH, NORDCH and INTCH

congrates to breeder and owner, we are soooo proud. 

At a All Breed Open Show in DKK District 7

Rod was excellent 1 in Champion Class Males and BIS 4 Champion and his son

Murumbis Emil Make Me Euphoric was excellent 1 in Junior Class Males, BOB and BOG 2.

What a day for Rod's offspring
Ulwazi's Adjua Conan By Edelrood was BM 3 with CAC and became NUCH - Norwegian Champion and brother
NUCH Ulwazi's Adjua Shaka By Edelrood was - BM 1, BOB, BOG 1 and BIS 4 and halfbrother
Inanda Mellberg Ludvig of Rold (Leon) was at another show - BOB, BOG 1, BIS 4. In the states.
Rod's big star of a son - GRCH, CH Uwanja's RAatum has done it again here in the month of May:

At Albuquerque, NM: 2 days show - one day: select dog, one day: BOB

At Abilene, Texas: 3 days show - 3 x BOB - won 3 x owner/handler Best Ridgeback -

won 3 x owner/handler Group and won owner/handler Best in Show 

We are so proud of the offsprings.
  Our little "devil" in the house
  Murumbis Emil Make Me
  Euphoric surprised us all

  Gaining a 1. prize on 400
  meter 3 hours bloodtracking 
A super week-end for Rod's offspring

In Denmark 3 Lewanika pups gained all VP at a national show

In Sweden Sabakus Inus Bijin of Edelrood gained BB 1, CAC, BOS

In Norway 2 brothers attended different shows:

Ulwazi's Adjua Conan by Edelrood gained BM 3, CAC

Ulwazi's Adjua Khan by Edelrood gained BM 1, CAC, BOB, BOG 2
At Crufts to-day Rod's son Inanda Mellberg Arnd of Ersted - called Hunter - was placed 4th out of 16 Limited dogs. We are so proud and congratulate owner Sean Sales, Kennel Lionpride and breeder Marie Wijkander
In Yppäri, Finland Uwanja's Rundi recieved his final CAC, became BOB and finally BIG 2. Rundu is now FICH.

Rod recieved by judge Monica Tusanova: CAC, CACIB, BOB and became later BIG 1 at an international show in Mlada Boleslav, the Czech Republic where 92 RR participated.

Now he is also a Czech champion.
In Helsinki Uwanja's Ruby "Kiara" recieved her final CAC and is now FICH.